Thursday, January 10, 2008

Art Jumble Topic: Green

The Green Hornet & Kato.

Perhaps a little less grunge:


Juanma said...

love your Monkey Doodle as a profile pic.

I can already hear the Green hornet fanfare with these drawings.

SiaZ said...

I like the grunge

murf said...

That's 1-grunge, and 0-no grunge.

Looks like the grunge is far-and-away the favorite!

Everyone loves the dirt.

SiaZ said...

Blame the Pixies and Nirvana for my preference of the "unclean" look.

Wait, does soundscapes equate for a visual wish for the unclean?

What the hell am I talking about?

Yeah, oh yeah. Hey Murf, grunge all the way man.........word!

murf said...

word to ya mother.