Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween, 1978

Art Jumble for this week: Halloween Memories.

Here's my costume (home-made) from 1978, or at least how it looked in my mind's eye:

Part Storm Trooper, part Cylon Centurion; ALL AWESOME!


damon said...

rad love it

SiaZ said...

Your mind's eye in 1978 was freaking awesome. Where did you live in which the surroundings were so snowy on the 31st of October?

murf said...

Flushing, Queens, of course! And trust me, the cardboard costume, likely, looked nothing like that. It was supposed to, though.

craig wilson said...

Hey buddy, thanks fer droppin' by!

I've actually been dropping by yer blog more and more of late; great stuff. Are you still involved in CAKE?
I've been bashing my head to get my pages done as well as a boarding crunch. I was determined to Jumble this week, but the subject didn't grab me, next time!