Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I'm here to report, that fresh after seeing it twice on DVD, the Fantastic Four 2 movie was not terrible.

A few questions/comments about it:

I realize they can't make it too faithful to the comics, but can the Human Torch, at least, be blonde? They dye Jessica Alba's (mis-cast, but she's good-looking, no?) hair yellow, but not the actor (name-not-known, but a good fit for the character) who plays her brother. Hmmm.

Anyone else not buying the rubber-suit Thing? All the advancement in CG, and it's a costume? Michael Chiklis might have made a better Wolverine. And what was with that comic-relief bear scene? Oy.

Doctor Doom (or was that The Emperor from Star Wars?) is not really all that villainous, and for the most part, the characters are all a bit too stumbly-bumbly for me.

The Silver Surfer looked pretty good, though. He was played by a fellow named Doug Jones, who (when I IMDB'd him) has been in a ton of good stuff.

So there you go. I say, if you like to look at movies, watch it; alot of great artists worked hard to make it look fantastic.

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Pags said...

I haven't seen the second FF4 movie yet so i'll take your word for it and give it a look when they show it on the channel 9 Sunday afternoon movie. As for the first FF4 movie - I caught about 2 minutes of that stinker and had to change the channel to Bear Grylls. They could've just used your nice art work as a still and played the audio track behind it and i'm sure the movie would've been a thousand times better. Nice color work, especially on the Thing.