Monday, February 11, 2008

More From the Freakie File


SiaZ said...

What does a ringmaster do to relax? Does he play shuffleboard? Better yet, what's it like when he introduces himself at parties? I'm guessing it's pretty loud. In turn, his wife (the bearded lady)probably twiddles her thumbs in her beard and rolls her eyes.

That's my guess, if I had to give one

murf said...

Funny you should say, I have the dog-faced (sort of bearded) girl up next.

The Ringmaster has nothing to do with shuffleboard, Siaz.

Anonymous said...

I figured it must be shuffle board.

Why? Because he doesn't seem like the type.

Just like people who only know spider-man as spider-man wouldn't think he was a introverted worrier. I mean, the McFarlane Spider-man was a bit different, but still.

The Ray (Quesada style), you never would have guessed that he worked at a fast food chicken joint.

But just like the Ray (who's heat could cook chicken), the Ringmaster may be drawn to shuffleboard for the opportunity to engage in anything circular, or ring-similar.

Jesus, I need a hobby

murf said...

My head is spinning.