Monday, December 24, 2007

Miracle on the Mountain

Or perhaps an avalanche?


no-one-special said...

BS! It was obviously rigged!

Anonymous said...

Boo...Yeti totally should have won. Rematch!

Dzu-Teh said...

Me want court involvement!

butterfly said...

À la Darth Vader, I say: "Noooooooooooooo!"

Re-match! Re-match! Re-Match!

3-Way Rummikub Battle with Chupacabra!!! ;-) Woohoo!

[btw, I wanted to share something that is sure to return at least some of the laughs -- see video of my mom in my latest post -- scroll down to Spider-Mom... lol]

klahanie said...

'Bigfoot'!? I would refer to this magnificent beast as 'Sasquatch'.
Kind regards klahanie (some dude lost in Leek) Where the heck is Leek?

Deity said...

YETI! I wanted Yeti to win! *WAIL*