Monday, December 17, 2007

Skateboard, Anyone?

My buddy Mark mentioned to me an exhibition of Skateboard Decks (slacker-lingo) taking place in NYC starting this friday at Avenue A Sushi. He got me a blank board, the stand-up guy he is, and I decorated it.

Here you go (sorry for the wack photo):

Investigate Mark's artwork and check out
the exhibition, too!


Pags said...

Cool! It's a real strange mix of things going on. I like that monkey tut is smoking a cigar! Looks good despite the wack photo (it's hard photographing these things). I'm looking forward to see it in person this friday!

Christopha! said...

Looks like Abu--after a binge. I like it.

SiaZ said...

I've been looking around your blog, and the art community associated with it. Everyone is so talented!